Light and Dark
Shadow and Light
Joy and Sorrow
Beauty and Pain
Growth and Decay
Gain and Loss

“The word ‘happiness’ would lose its meaning, if it were not balanced by sadness.”
Carl Gustav Jung

Life is in constant change. In constant movement.

It’s easy to embrace life when things go the way we dreamed of. When we are “successful” in our life, in our relationship(s) and/or work. And what about the moments when we are not?

When it feels like our life is falling apart? When big changes happen? When we are unhappy? Feel stuck? Are in doubt about next steps in our life? Search for meaning?
Don’t dare to do what our heart calls us to do? Find ourselves in painful relationship patterns privately or with people at work? Have old relational wounds coming to the surface, calling us inwards, yet influencing our quality of life and relating on the outside? 

Life as an ever present teacher is presenting us with change, challenge, grief, loss and intense emotions of anger, despair, jealousy, fear, shame, guilt as well as beauty, joy, happiness, gratitude and blessing… She is inviting us to dance with all aspects of life.

“The purpose of life is to laugh all our laughters and to cry all our tears.” 
Marshall B. Rosenberg


And so do I…I am inviting you to dance…

Embracing Life is the calling I follow in my own life, my relationship to my inner world and the world around me, as well as what I like to hold the space for when working with others. I like to be a refuge and harbour when life’s waves go high.

With my background and training in Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg, the work of Living Compassion by Robert Gonzales, Internal Family Systems by Richard Schwartz, Mindfulness and Yoga I provide a safe and gentle space for you to open into the richness of your inner world, with all the contractions and tensions, conflicts, emptiness, fears and confusion, as well as the inherent light and beauty that is and always has been in you at the core of your being.

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Current courses and activities

My first Podcast interview in German about Mindfulness and Communication. Listen in!

 Three Months Transformational Learning Community Experience in Bergerac, France: 
2nd September- 30th November 2022

I am super delighted to announce this amazing training and community living experience that I will co-facilitate with my friends and colleagues Karl Steyaert, Jocelyn Ames and Catherine Tran. We will share lot’s of useful intra-personal and interpersonal skills and look at systemic dimension and collective processes that support us in living together, co-habitating this planet with care for all life and in service of the whole delicate web of life. We will share things we found helpful to create a world that works for all. Join us for 1 week, 1 month or all 3 months and continue working on your own projects with the support, care, love and wisdom of the collective!! Let’s thrive, evolve and learn together…Apply now!  More Information here

Living Compassion Course: next online course will run in October-December 22

Join me in a 9 session weekly online Living Compassion Course. The next course will run October till December 2022 and dates will be announced here by late summer. In the course we will have Practice, Embodiment, Community, Depth, Fun, Laughter, Tears – the whole mix! Look at the current course for  more information here.