“Clarity always arises
from the core
of the experience itself.”
– Robert Gonzales

One on one sessions

Time and space just for you! 

I love the spaciousness and unhurriedness 1:1 sessions offer. That’s why my sessions are 90min. long. If we need less – perfectly fine, you pay less. See my price suggestions below.

What will we do?

Together we will dive into your inner world. I hold an empathic space for you, I listen to you, beyond right and wrong. I follow you. Your innate wisdom can emerge and show us what needs attention inside. In this warm and welcoming space, your inner clarity, your life force and your authentic being can emerge and become tangible.

Whatever we meet inside, anger, shame, guilt, depression, jealousy, disgust, despair, griefall is welcome. We’ll be holding it together. All of these emotions hold a precious thread to your inner life. Following these threads we will connect to the life energy within, the beauty and power of our needs as we call it in NVC.

I will help you connect with those core needs, as once we get an embodied and felt sense of our needs, their innate power can move us forward in life, into action.

If we meet younger layers, parts that carry wounds and burdens, or protective layers, parts that try to manage our lives and keep us safe, I will help you to meet those inner parts, to listen to them empathically and, if appropriate, to help them release any burdens they might carry. In this way our inner system can re-organise organically and function more harmoniously. Something new becomes possible.

What topics you might bring to the sessions:

Basically, everything is welcome! Here are a few examples:

  • Would you like support in dealing with pain, sadness, anger, fears, guilt, shame, depression or other intense feelings?
  • Are you in an internal or external conflict related to a life situation or decision and are you longing for more clarity?
  • Is something on your mind or are you going through a difficult time?
  • Would you like support in a transition or a reorientation and are you looking for meaning and direction?
  • Do you want to prepare for a difficult conversation?
  • Do you long for a more loving way of dealing with yourself, would you like to learn to take better care of yourself and your needs?
  • Are there painful patterns that seem to repeat themselves in dealing with yourself and others? Do you want to see, accept and transform them more clearly?
  • Would you simply like to have a regular empathy session to care for your heart and listen deeply within?

My style

All five pillars of my work might emerge intuitively in my sessions and inform my presence with you. It’s a dance that unfolds between you and me and the field we are in.

Through my many years of training in Marshall B. Rosenberg’s process of Nonviolent Communication, the work of Robert Gonzales (Living Compassion) and the work with inner parts in Richard Schwartz’ Internal Family System model, I have found a deep love and awe for the wisdom that lives within each of us. 

It would be an honour for me to be able to accompany you and to step into the field of presence together.

How much does a session cost? 

My prices are tier based on income in order to enable as many people as possible with different financial opportunities to receive empathic support. Please always feel free to connect with me if your individual financial situation is not represented here. I am sure we find a way that holds both of our needs. 


“I feel lighter and have more understanding for my own experience after the session with Nadine. What I appreciate is her balanced approach of empathic listening, useful concepts and specific suggestions on how to continue on my own.”Simon S.

“The sessions with Nadine have helped me improve my decision making process. I gained more clarity into what it is that I need. I feel empowered to take actions in my life that are based on those needs. Besides the fact that Nadine is an articulate person, she is also a real listener. She hears what I say while interpreting the message that is hidden behind my words. On top of that, Nadine showed me great coaching skills. She is one of those rare people that is able to motivate and support me while I engage opportunities that are beyond my comfort zone.”Sebastiaan Hooft

“When I receive empathy from Nadine, I am amazed at her ability to get to the heart of an emotional issue, so quickly. It is the feeling of being deeply seen and understood. Being in her presence, I experience safety and compassionate space for even my most painful thoughts and feelings. I’ve had years of experience with therapy and different healing modalities, and have rarely encountered this level of acceptance, compassion, and understanding. I’ve found relief and insight into my biggest emotional struggles by receiving empathy from Nadine. Whenever I’m going through a difficult time, I want to reach out to her! She is very special and I highly recommend working with her.” – Francesca

“Receiving empathy from Nadine is like taking a gentle journey into the heart. She’s got a remarkable ability to stay with what is there; and a truly powerful embodiment of the NVC skills as a professional practitioner. Every time I received empathy from her I got closer to my heart, and every part, every voice in me got acknowledged and understood in ways that brought so much healing to me. I can certainly recommend Nadine as an NVC Trainer and professional practitioner to offer empathy 1 on 1.” – Peter M.

“Nadine’s warm and compassionate style has supported me to meet parts of myself that have been there for most of my life. She is continuously showing me how to recognise and embrace parts as companions that are there to support me. I am learning to be compassionate and caring towards myself. I experience her as loving, gentle and accepting. I am full of gratitude and appreciation to have Nadine in my life.”  – Katrin B.